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Evelyn Jessica Rich is a storyteller who enjoys writing erotic drama and erotic suspense . She's the author of the new novel titled Dirty Stilettos which is now available! She is a proud graduate of Albany State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

Ms. Rich is also a pole fitness instructor and helps women connect with their femininity through sensual movement. Evelyn Jessica Rich is excited about connecting with her readers. Make sure to subscribe to her electronic mailing list for the latest updates!


Kori, an ambitous woman with a questionable occupational history, has her sights set on seducing a successful podiatrist by the of name of Dr. Jonathan Bridges.  After a chance encounter, the two quickly begin a steamy love affair.  Despite Jonathan's own set of troubles, he is willing to give the new lady in his life the world.  But will Kori succumb to her own greed and ruin a good thing? This erotic-drama novel will leave you yearning for more...


Devour Pole Fitness is the hottest pole studio in Nirvana City and a sensual sanctuary for women from all walks of life. Its owner, Luna Devour, is beautiful, intelligent, and.... a vampire.

When Luna gets wind of some shady dealings within the paranormal community, she calls on her friend Omari Williams to investigate.

Omari has been crushing on Luna Devour for a while now. He'd do anything for her. Will Luna let her guard down and take a chance on the possibility of falling in love?

"There is a perfect balance of sexiness and suspense. 5 starts isn’t enough."

Jinea Nicole

"I loved it. It was a real page turner. It was the perfect balance between suspense and steam."

Salene Whyte

"Love the style of her writing. I love dark and dirty! I also enjoy page turners I finished this book in two days! I can’t wait for more from this writer."

Justin F


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