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Get To Know Me


Q: Where did you grow up?
A:  I'm a "military brat" so I've lived all over! However, Columbus, Georgia is currently home.

Q: What's your weirdest fear?
A:  This is funny. Don't judge me but I am afraid of swallowing pills. The thought of it freaks me out. One of my great uncles (who's now gone on to glory) had a bad habit of giving small children hard candy. Needless to say, I accidentally choked on a piece of butterscotch candy when I was like eight or nine. My grandfather saved my live by punching me in the back. Hard.  The hit dislodged the candy and I coughed it up. I'm still traumatized though. I can't swallow anything whole.

Q: Why did you decide to become an erotic author?
A:  Because sex sells of course! Just kidding! Seriously, I've always been fascinated with people who are able to push the envelope when it comes to provoking sexual desire through creative mediums such as music, art and writing. It just makes sense for me. Besides, the things that I write are things that I'm too shy to ever say out loud. My pen name"Evelyn Jessica Rich" gives me the power to write unapologetically.

Q: What are some of your favorite books?
A:  Yup, I'm totally about to get into trouble with this answer.  When I was a preteen, I used to sneak and read my mom's Terry McMillan books.  Disappearing Acts, How Stella Got Her Groove Back and of course Waiting to Exhale are some my favorite classics.  I also have to mention Flyy Girl by Omar Tyree and Big Girls Don't Cry by Connie Brisco.

Q: If you had to leave an inspirational message on your headstone, what would it read?
A:  "Life is not a dress rehearsal so go for it!"

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