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I'm an avid supporter of women feeling confident in their bodies. In my opinion, that is the foundation of being sexy! Before you keep scrolling, just indulge me for a moment. I think we can agree that sexy comes in all shades, shapes and sizes. But guess what? Feeling sexy is not about pleasing a spouse or a is all about PLEASING YOURSELF!

In 2023, I'm challenging you to double down on unlocking your inner sexy by trying out some of my favorite tips below.

1. Buy a new shade of lipstick to wear. Out of all the tips, this one is probably my favorite. Any shade in the red family is definitely a big purr!

2. Invest in nice panties! Because who wants to strut around with raggedy underwear? Besides, the feel of a pair of lacy thongs is life changing. It's also worth mentioning that this does not have to be super expensive! One of my favorite go to places for new panties is Target.

3. Take 15 minute walks daily. Yes, walks! Walking consistently trims down the waistline and improves your mood.

4. Curl up with a steamy romance novel! This is a fun and sexy way to temporarily escape reality. With one turn of a page, you can find yourself immersed in erotica. But I'm obviously a little biased when it comes to this tip.

Now that you've read my favorite tips for unlocking your inner sexy, go forth and apply them!

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